Tesla Model 3 making history

Tesla model 3The electric car has been around since the 19th century. Yet, it has never quite taken off in a big scale. But, the Tesla Model 3 looks set to change that. Just days after its announcement, the new electric car has garnered more than 276,000 orders and that number is growing.

So, what’s so special? What’s the secret recipe that makes the Tesla Model 3 stand out from all its predecessors?

Several factors stand out:

  1. Long range: The Model 3 can cover up to 346km on a single charge. That’s close to the mileage of a tank of petrol for a high-capacity engine car.
  2. Attractive price: At US$35,000 before incentives, it’s affordable to many. The price is estimated to be about S$150,000 — placing it in the luxury car price category.
  3. Sleek design:  It looks like something out of a James Bond movie — but better! The futuristic design includes an all-glass roof from the front windscreen down to the boot.
  4. Quick acceleration: In under 10 seconds, the car can move from zero to 96kph. It’s not the fastest in its price range but that’s fast for an electric car.
  5. Autopilot safety feature: Car electronics has come a long way and the autopilot safety technology should steer the car away from potential accidents.

Besides these five factors, there’s also the Elon Musk effect. The Tesla co-founder and CEO is idolised by many as an inventor and a person associated with cool stuff who’s at the forefront of technologies.

Time will tell if the Tesla Model 3 can be the Ford Model T of electric cars. And that time is not too far away — just a couple of years and we’ll know.

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