Bye, bye Galaxy Note 7


The Galaxy Note 7 page on Samsung Singapore’s website says it all. It’s a dark day for Samsung.

Just two months after the Korean giant announced its newest Galaxy Note, the smartphone has gone into history, in possibly the shortest lived model. The company has discontinued production of the smartphone.

The Galaxy Note 7 had the features to take on the Apple iPhone 7 but somehow things didn’t work out properly. Exploding phones while charging led to recalls and even bans from airlines. Even newly-exchanged phones were reported to be facing the same problems.

In some countries, Samsung is offering a refund for the phone or an exchange for the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung would do well to learn from this painful exercise and PR disaster. The company needs to find out the cause of this major problem and ensure that future mobile devices do not have the same issues.

Confidence in the company’s mobile devices has certainly taken a hit and it’s going to take a lot of work to win back customer confidence.

Some Samsung loyalists are said to have even considered moving to alternative phones such as the newly-launched Google Pixel or the various Android flavours from Chinese vendors.