Hello, hello, it’s the Nokia 3310 again!

nokia-3310With a slew of product introductions now on at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, what’s amazing is that an old icon has grabbed loads of attention. Nokia has resurrected its 3310 phone, albeit in an updated version that runs on Opera.

Nostalgia has won over the latest technologies as the 3310 looks to maintain its old form factor and offers the long battery life that it’s renowned for. It’s claimed to be able to last up to a month on standby or an incredible 22 hours of talk time. Many phones today can’t even last a day without needing to be recharged.

In an insane world where top-end mobile numbers cost more than notebook computers, the 3310 will be priced at just €49 in Europe. With dual SIM, it makes for a great travelling companion. Let’s see if this phone will come to Asia — and if yes, which parts.

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