Beat traffic jam with new Audi A8

At the inaugural Audi Summit in Spain, Audi revealed that its flagship 2018 A8 features a multitude of high-tech wizardry powered by NVIDIA.

“The car of the future will make its occupants’ life easier with the help of artificial intelligence (AI),” declared Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Audi, as he introduced such A8 features as Audi AI Traffic Jam Pilot, Remote Park Pilot, Natural Voice Control and Swarm Intelligence.

The A8 is packed with NVIDIA powered systems, including revolutionary new user interfaces, a new infotainment system, a new virtual cockpit, and new rear seat entertainment options.

Audi’s Zfas driver assistance system powers the world’s first true traffic jam assist system, for use on divided highways with on ramps and off ramps. Designed from the ground up with built-in redundancy, the Traffic Jam Pilot uses a laser scanner combined with cameras to drive autonomously by scanning the entire area in front of the car. Data from sensors are processed in Zfas as the system creates a precise environment model at the rate of 2.5 billion inputs per second.

At speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour, Traffic Jam Pilot can be enabled, turning the car into a chauffeur. Sensors watching the surroundings to give a precise understanding of the environment, and are coupled with the navigation system that knows on which roads the system is enabled.

To engage the system, the driver simply presses the AUDI AI button on the centre console. Once traffic dissipates, visual and auditory alerts prompt the driver to take control again.

In addition to taking the drudgery out of traffic jams, the A8 features the newest NVIDIA powered MIB+ infotainment system. Its two touch screens, second-generation virtual cockpit and the new rear seat system with Audi tablets and display controller all feature NVIDIA technology.