NVIDIA Tesla V100 surprise for world’s top AI researchers

Fifteen top AI research institutions of the NVIDIA AI Labs programmes were each presented with the Volta-based NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU accelerator.

They were participating in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference in Honolulu.

“AI is the most powerful technology force that we have ever known. I’ve seen everything. I’ve seen the coming and going of the client-server revolution. I’ve seen the coming and going of the PC revolution. Absolutely nothing compares,” said Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA.

The surprise presentation is just the latest evidence of NVIDIA’s unique relationship with researchers.

“NVIDIA has a very unusual way of interacting with the community that’s not like any other company. It’s a way to sustain the collaboration, and we look forward to more interactions,” said Silvio Savarese, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and Director of the school’s SAIL-Toyota Center for AI Research.