More NVIDIA GPU offerings on Google Cloud Platform

Google has expanded its NVIDIA GPU offerings on the Google Cloud Platform. These include:

  1. Performance boost with the public launch of NVIDIA P100 GPUs in beta
  2. NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs available on Google Compute Engine
  3. Introduction of sustained use discounts on both the Tesla K80 and P100 GPUs

According to a Google Cloud Platform blog, cloud GPUs can accelerate  workloads including machine learning training and inference, geophysical data processing, simulation, seismic analysis, molecular modeling, genomics and many more high performance compute use cases.

Based on the Pascal architecture, the NVIDIA Tesla P100 provides increased throughput with fewer instances while saving money. The GPU can accelerate  workloads by up to 10 times compared to K80.

Enterprises can now deploy both the NVIDIA Tesla P100 and K80 GPUs in four regions worldwide. All of the GPUs can  take advantage of sustained use discounts, which automatically lower the price  by up to 30 percent, of virtual machines used to run sustained workloads. No lock-in or upfront minimum fee commitments are needed to take advantage of these discounts.