5 things to do when your social media platform is down

When WhatsApp was down for a few hours last Friday (November 3), Facebook timelines were filled with panic posts by people unable to communicate on WhatsApp. Snapchat is reported to be down at the point of writing and again, there is frenzy over the outage.But, there is actually life before social media came about. And there still is except that people are so engrossed with social media platforms that they may have forgotten that there are other ways of socialising and communicating.

Here are five things if your social media platform is down:

  1. Use the phone: Landline, mobile phone or the voice features of other social media platform — it doesn’t matter. There’s still voice and we can talk. Alternatively, there is also the not-so-well-used SMS.
  2. Read a book: Yes, we can read a book, not just posts on Facebook, Instagram and the lot. Appreciate the feel of paper and flipping through the pages.
  3. Socialise: Talk to others face-to-face. Smartphones and computers are the only ways of communicating.
  4. Exercise: Take a walk, go for a jog or cycle. Exercise is good for the mind and body. You may discover that there really is a physical world around you, not just what you read on cyberspace.
  5. Rest: Give your eyes and fingers a rest from all that staring and swiping. Rest is also good for the body to re-energise.

So, there is life beyond social media. Enjoy it!