Pre-order Razer smartphone on November 23

Razer Phone hitting the streets soon.
Razer Phone hitting the streets soon.

Razer’s first smartphone will be available for pre-order in Singapore on November 23.

The Razer Phone has garnered lots of attention but generated mixed response. While well-known in the gaming circle, Razer is not a familiar name to the general public.

Even some in the technology are unaware of what the company is and does, even though Razer and its CEO are from Singapore.

It would be interesting to see the receptivity of this gaming smartphone, though admittedly, it’s more for a niche market — the gaming community.

Those who pre-ordered the Razer Phone from Singtel will be notified of collection early next month — perhaps making it the ideal Christmas present for gamers.

The Razer Phone will also be available from Razer’s Singapore online store from December 1 at S$1,068.


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