Project Clara is truly amazing

One of the most eye-catching demo during NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote address at GTC 2018 is Project Clara.

Essentially, this involves taking a black-and-white image from a 15-year-old machine and uses the power of the GPU to transform it into a 3D coloured animation.

It was truly amazing and gripped the attention of the audience.

NVIDIA’s Project Clara is a medical imaging supercomputer that takes to another level the three million medical imaging instruments installed around the world.

Taking advantage of computational advancements, it reduces radiation exposure, improves image quality and produces images in real time.

An algorithm called V-Net uses 3D volumetric segmentation and automatically measures the volume of blood flowing through the heart.  Running on NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, Clara is virtual and can handle many computational instruments simultaneously.

Modern medical imaging applications demand new levels of computing, scale and accessibility. It looks like Clara has indeed revolutionised medical imaging.

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