announces Crypto University has launched Crypto University which will teach topics such as Bitcoin technology, blockchain, economy, and world affairs.

The online university challenges traditional education, offering independent, free and impartial knowledge.

Unlike traditional universities, a user at Crypto University starts by getting tokens, then using them to get a crypto education and create their own courses when they will receive more tokens and become professors.

Students and professors interact with a campus (where courses are taught), Wiki library (which provides a knowledge base) and faculty (where professors design courses).



All courses will pass through a crowd-sourced verification procedure to ensure they are top-level programmes, contain accurate and updated information, and do not stray off crypto topics.


BitcoinWiki believes that Crypto University will challenge the current education system by providing a knowledge space that is up to date with cutting-edge tech, free from political censorship, and constantly fighting disinformation.

Anybody who studies hard enough will receive a special scholarship. The project will be available internationally, with nearly 4,000 original articles translated to eleven languages and eight more on the way.