NVIDIA researchers head to Brisbane for ICRA

Dubbed “the brains behind the bots”, NVIDIA researchers will be heading to the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Australia from May 21 to 25.

Leading the team are Claire Delaunay, Vice President of Engineering and Robotics, and Dieter Fox, Senior Director of Robotics Research.

ICRA is a premier forum held annually since 1984 for robotics researchers from across the globe. Around 2,500 participants from around 60 countries are expected at this year’s event.

ICRA presents a great opportunity to meet the NVIDIA team, go in-depth with recent work shaping robotics research and development, and learn how NVIDIA GPUs and AI are powering the advancements in autonomous machines.

NVIDIA is sponsoring the ICRA 2018 DJI RoboMaster AI Challenge, in which robots drive and launch projectiles using AI technologies. Each team is required to build up to two autonomous robots to compete in an obstacle-filled arena.

Fourteen of the 22 competitors leverage the NVIDIA Jetson platform to power, control, navigate, perceive and execute autonomous functions. Winning teams will be awarded an NVIDIA TITAN or Jetson TX2.