Giant notebook and graphics card spotted at Computex

A gigantic version of the ASUS Zenbook Pro — thankfully, the real thing is a lot smaller and lighter.

By Edward Lim

Computex seems to have mellowed down over the years. While the show floor used to be filled with booth girls and exhibitors literally pushing bags and tchoichke in the past, this is no longer the case.

With only a handful of vendors picking the platform to launch their products, it’s no wonder that ASUS’ new gaming phone got loads of attention. Even then, ASUS held its launch at a hotel.

Bags are still being offered but not like before. A few booths still try to liven up the atmosphere with regular shows on their products but the buzz has definitely dropped not just one, but several notches.

Many exhibitors have scaled down their booths with some even disappearing altogether. It looks like the show is going through an evolution of sorts as artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be the buzzword.

Among those still showcasing their wares at Nangang Exhibition Center are ASUS and Zotac, both of which showed off giant replicas of their notebook and graphics card respectively.

Zotac’s oversized graphics card provides a great photo opportunity.


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