StatX takes on Telegram with messaging and information app

Blockchain startup StatX has launched a mobile app that combines information-sharing and messaging features the crypto and blockchain community. While traditional messaging apps such as Telegram is more conversation centric than information-centric.

StatX app users can expect a well presented, simple and elegant dashboard offering company financial and status information. This includes updated financial data and metrics such market cap, price, token distribution, social reach, and product roadmap milestones.

The app can also provide users with the status of programs such as airdrops and bounty programmes. Notifications can be set to alert users anytime a dashboard stat changes.

In addition, full-featured chat is just one tap away, and because the dashboard addresses most of the communities FAQs and information needs, the chat promises to be of much higher quality since only “value add” questions and topics are raised. Users no longer need to scroll madly to find the admin posts with the information they need.

As an open platform, it lets any organisation easily create a community of serious investors and followers that are interested in tracking and conversing around key company information that changes frequently.

“Our secret sauce is the unique way StatX combines information and conversation to drive higher quality and higher value user experience,” said Prasad Raje, Co-founder and CEO of StatX.

Download StatX from App Store or Google Play.


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