Seamless Spotify listening experience across Samsung devices

Spotify has joined hands with Samsung to give users a seamless listening experience across Samsung devices.

This partnership makes it easier for users to get Spotify up and running on multiple Samsung devices once the accounts have been linked.

“We know that listeners stream different kinds of music at different times, in different places, and most importantly, on different devices. We think music should be easy to access on all of your devices—and we want it to be seamless to switch from one device to another,” said Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify.

During setup, the user can easily discover the Spotify app on Samsung Smart Switch. In time to come, Samsung Smart TV users will be able to play Spotify through the SmartThings app.

“It’s a new level of integration that will allow Spotify to be easily accessible and discoverable on Samsung devices. As you move from room to room, your devices will be aware of your location and prompt you to effortlessly transition your listening between them,” said Ek.

The collaboration will further integrate Spotify with Bixby, Samsung’s premier voice solution.

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