The Weather Channel showcases realistic weather simulation

The weather wreaked havoc across the world last week with a number of hurricanes and typhoons. The Weather Channel leveraged the same technology used for computer games to create simulations that brought the impact of such weather into homes.

Its first live simulation last Thursday gave a realistic depiction of the storm’s severity before it hit land. The results of the immersive mixed reality programme were certainly impactful as there were many shares and likes on social media.

According to a NVIDIA blogpost,  the station began experimenting with immersive mixed reality in 2016 to give viewers a better understanding of the severity of weather conditions.

Using the traditional green-screen setting, it places the meteorologist in the centre for a live broadcast. The weather simulation displays the forecast via green screen, which wraps around the broadcaster with real-time visuals in synch with the broadcast.

It takes into account wind speed, direction, rainfall, and countless other meteorological data points fed into the 3D renderings to provide accurate visualisations.

“It’s a tremendous amount of real-time processing, enabled by NVIDIA GPUs,” said Michael Potts, Vice President of Design at The Weather Channel..

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