No more paper arrival card filling for visitors to Singapore

Looking for a pen to fill in an arrival card while travelling to Singapore will be a thing of the past when the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) completes its three-month electronic arrival card for foreign visitors next year.

Under the new system, visitors to Singapore can fill up the electronic arrival card  in various foreign languages either through the ICA website or a mobile app. All they need to do is to produce their passport at the point of entry.

If submitted as a family, trip information such as flight details, last port of embarkation, expected date of arrival and departure, and Singapore address will be automatically populated for all in the group.

Information submitted previously will be saved on the mobile application, making it easier for future visits.

A trial will start tomorrow at most of the air, land and sea checkpoints where those who have yet to complete the paper-based disembarkation/embarkation card may be approached by ICA officers to participate in the trial and to provide feedback.