NTU achieves highest Linpack score in global supercomputing competition

Teams had to work round-the-clock to tackle real-life challenges.

A six-person team from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has achieved 56.51 teraflops, the highest Linpack score — a measurement of a system’s floating point computing horsepower — in a global supercomputing competition held in conjunction with SC18 in Dallas.However, that valiant effort was not enough to fend off the challenge of Tsinghua University of China, which emerged as the overall winner of the Student Cluster Competition.

Sixteen teams from around the globe took part in the competition. There was a catch — they are limited to use just 3,000 watts of power.

It was a 48-hour endurance test and the team members had to take turns to tackle real-life computing workloads.

“If you don’t have GPUs, best of luck. It’s essential,” said Bu-sung Lee, Team Leader and Faculty Adviser of NTU, which won the competition’s top honour last year.