FXGear introduces next-gen virtual fitting solution

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Well, if the clothing doesn’t make you the fairest, just swap to another. That’s what the FXMirror can do — bringing virtual fitting to another level by adding an avatar.Developed by Korea computer graphics software and engineering firm FXGear, it offers seamless integration of the top-notch virtual fitting technology to brands and retailers. With instantly body measurement of a customer standing in front of the mirror, it can generate 3D clothing for the body.

Customers get an innovative and interactive shopping experience by using an avatar, saving time and effort in looking for and trying different clothes. The personalised interactive 3D avatar reflects the facial expression and bodily movements of the user standing in front of the mirror in real-time. Furthermore, customers can simulate various virtual hairstyles on the avatar which adds another fun element to the fitting experience.

With FXGear’s proprietary technology, thousands of apparel can be created into the 3D model within a short period of time for brands and retailers.

A quick scan on the QR code with a mobile app during the virtual fitting will bring customers to the website where the item and purchase details are in a few convenient steps.

“The system ensures high customer satisfaction without being revulsive, and it can facilitate a natural, pleasant virtual fitting experience. Another phenomenal feature of FXMirror that we plan to introduce before the end of this year is the size simulation. This is a physically based simulation function that lets users visually check whether the S, M and L sizes of ready-made clothing fits his or her body well,” said Kwang-Jin Choi, CEO of FXGear.

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