Creative SXFI Air ready for order

The headphone version of Creative’s Super X-Fi is now available for order in Singapore. The Creative SXFI Air brings holographic audio to iPhones and other smartphones without the 3.5mm jack.Priced at S$219, it can be ordered online at Creative’s website. The move comes four months after the debut of the SXFI Amp, the company’s first Super X-Fi-based audio dongle.

With bluetooth and USB connectivity, the SXFI Air is compatible with iPhones, Android phones, Windows PC, macOS, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. A SD slot can turn the headphone into an MP3 player, enabling users to listen to music without connecting to a smartphone.

Touch or swipe the back of the right ear cup to manipulate the controls. Users can easily  answer a call, skip a song or adjust the volume.