The day my Google Pixel died

By Edward Lim

When my trusty Google Pixel froze last week, I took it as a case of overuse and attempted a reboot.  It proved to be a series of fruitless attempts as the Android-based smartphone simply could not be revived. The furthest I got was to the opening screen (see above) but there was absolutely nothing I could do there — the screen just froze again before launching into another reboot.Here’s what I did:

  1. Cool down the phone by holding it close to my car’s air-conditioning vent.
  2. Tried rebooting by holding down the power and down buttons.
  3. Tried getting into safe mode, recovery mode, whatever mode.
  4. Checked Google help, various forums and other tips.
  5. Diligently followed the tips but to no avail.
  6. Powered off and tried rebooting several times throughout the night.
  7. Throwing it against the wall (Just kidding! I didn’t do this but don’t think it would have made any difference except for having a cracked frozen screen).

As I had bought the Google Pixel while on a trip to Australia in August 2017, it was out of warranty and I had no local support — the local telcos didn’t bring this version to Singapore.

It was with a sad heart that I had to pronounce my device dead. Having said that, I truly loved it for its speed, simplicity (uncluttered Android) and size (most smartphones are too big for my liking).

With a trip coming up the next day, I had to make a quick decision on its replacement, which was really a no-brainer.

Having enjoyed my smartphone so much, my pick for its successor was the Google Pixel 3. What I dreaded most was having a bigger phone because I was used to the original Pixel’s size. To my surprise, the Google Pixel 3 was only slighter longer and its width close to the first.

The litmus test was that my existing phone cover could be used for the new one — OK, the cutouts for the camera didn’t quite match but the cover fit.

I’ll write more about my new device another time.

Farewell, Google Pixel! Hello, Google Pixel 3!