Explosion-proof VoIP phone, anyone?

An explosion can cause injuries to people and damage to the surroundings. Getting help is critical but what if the telecommunications equipment is also destroyed?Texas-based Larson Electronics has the solution for this dilemma with its EPPH-230A-VOIP-MOD1-YLW explosion-proof VoIP telephone. Yes, the SIP and PoE compatible phone is clad NEMA 4X rated enclosure and is made of sturdy, copper-free, non-sparking cast-aluminum with an impact resistant, carbon-loaded ABS handset and six-foot PVC coiled cord.

This unit is powered by an external 24-48V DC low-voltage power supply and features two 3/4-inch NPT hubs for wiring.

In case of emergency, the bright yellow phone can be easily spotted. It  is designed to be wall or column mounted with stainless-steel mounting bolts and is suitable for use indoors and outdoors in hazardous places such as mines, refineries and power generation facilities.

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