IBM keeps betting on mainframes with z15 launch

The mainframe computer is not quite going the way of the dinosaur. Even in today’s age of Intel-based servers, there’s still room and relevance for the mainframe. This explains why IBM has launched the z15, its 15th generation of the mainframe.IBM is positioning the new enterprise platform as capable of managing the privacy of customer data across hybrid multi-cloud environments, which is of great importance to traditional mainframe customers in the government and financial sectors.

Along with improved data security, the z15 features an integration with Cloud Pak container-plus packages that make it more attractive to those working in hybrid cloud environments.

According to IBM, a single-system version can process up to one trillion web transactions a day, support massive databases, and scale-out to 2.4 million Linux containers.

Designed for mission-critical operations, it delivers up to 30 times lower latency and up to 28 times less CPU utilisation by compressing secure web transaction data before encryption using the Integrated Accelerator for z Enterprise Data Compression instead of using software compression.

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