Dyson switches from electric car to battery

High-end vacuum maker Dyson has shelved plans to build an electric car. Instead, the British technology company will concentrate on making a revolutionary battery.

Announced in 2016, the electric car was expected to be made in a new electric car plant in Singapore and launched in 2021.

According to Founder James Dyson, his company had developed a fantastic electric car but it was not commercially viable.

In an email to employees, he pointed out that Dyson had tried very hard throughout the development process but simply could no longer see a way to make it commercially viable.

A bid to find a buyer for the project has been unsuccessful thus far.

Following the demise of the electric car project, Dyson plans to concentrate on making a revolutionary battery.

“Our battery will benefit Dyson in a profound way and take us in exciting new directions,” said Dyson.

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