NVIDIA unveils Jetson Xavier NX for AI supercomputing at the edge

NVIDIA has introduced the Jetson Xavier NX, which it dubbed as “the world’s smallest, most powerful AI supercomputer for robotic and embedded computing devices at the edge”.Smaller than a credit card, the module delivers up to 21 TOPS for running modern AI workloads and consumes as little as 10 watts of power.

Its size, weight, power, and low cost make the Jetson Xavier NX suitable for small commercial robots, drones, intelligent high-resolution sensors, optical inspection, network video recorders, and portable medical devices.

Many of these devices, based on small form factors and lower power, were constrained from adding more AI features. Jetson Xavier NX lets our customers and partners dramatically increase AI capabilities without increasing the size or power consumption of the device,” said Deepu Talla, Vice President and General Manager of Edge Computing at NVIDIA.

Priced at US$399 and available in March, the Jetson Xavier NX performs at up to 14 TOPS at 10W and 21 TOPS at 15W.

It is supported by NVIDIA JetPack software development kit, a complete AI software stack that can run modern and complex AI networks, accelerated libraries for deep learning as well as computer vision, computer graphics and multimedia.

Patrick Moorhead, President and Principal Analyst of Moor Insights & Strategy, believes NVIDIA raised the bar with the Jetson Xavier NX showing that exceptional performance at small size and low power, together with a consistent and powerful software architecture, is what matters in embedded edge computing.