80% of businesses: 5G will have significant impact

5G will have a significant impact, according to 79 percent of respondents to an Accenture study. However, security concerns remain as countries explore the implementation of the next generation mobile technology.

Nearly six in 10 consider 5G to be revolutionary while only a quarter think 4G was impactful.

The global survey covered more than 2,600 business and technology decision makers across 12 industry sectors in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, including Australia and Singapore.

Security was the main concern with 35 percent of respondents, who fear that 5G will increase vulnerability to cyberattacks.

“The link between 5G and its perceived security risks is complex. According to our study, executives believe that 5G can help secure their businesses, but that 5G network architecture also presents inherent challenges in terms of user privacy, number of connected devices and networks, and service access and supply chain integrity,” said George Nazi, Senior Managing Director and Communications and Media industry Lead at Accenture.

Three in four are thinking of dealing with these challenges by redefining policies and procedures related to security as 5G emerges.

The cost of operationalising 5G is at the top of mind of 80 percent of respondents.

“With the right business strategy and ecosystem collaboration, the signs point towards a world of compelling 5G use cases and business outputs. Communications service providers should act now to ensure they are at the heart of the 5G ecosystem to unlock the potential growth,” said Nazi.

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