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NVIDIA reveals GPU-accelerated AI-on-5G system

AI, metaverse and computer vision are technologies placing new demands on telcos. Telcos are seeking industry-standard solutions that can run such applications and immersive graphics workloads on the same server. NVIDIA is developing a new […]

Infrastructure is important but customer identity will future proof success

By Ajay Biyani, Asean Managing Director of ForgeRock

The COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps more than any other event in human history, has pushed people towards digital. New research from Facebook and Bain & Company shows that Southeast Asia will be home to 310 million digital consumers by the end of this year, reaching a number previously forecasted for 2025.

Huawei announces next-gen OceanStor Pacific Series

Zhou: Mass data will play an increasingly important role in enterprise digital transformation.Huawei has launched the next-generation of its OceanStor Pacific Series mass storage system that delivers efficient, cost-effective, and reliable services for AI, HPC, videos, and other mass data scenarios.