SyncWords makes Facebook Live real-time translation a reality

The dreams of organisations reaching a global audience via Facebook Live has just become a reality. Whether it’s an online church service or a press conference, SyncWords’ LanguageSync solution for real-time translation of English live programming to more than 40 languages is certainly an answer to prayer.

It’s not just Facebook Live. The leading cloud-based captioning and subtitling automation solution can also be used with Twitch, Twitter and other streaming platforms.

A key challenge of international news broadcasters when streaming live content to social media is that only a single language is supported for live captioning and subtitling.

Live captioning is also limited to Latin characters and social media platforms do not support Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, and languages that contain special characters.

Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions such as Amazon Translate, AWS Elemental MediaStore, and Amazon CloudFront, LanguageSync is able to burn-in captions and translate subtitles with custom fonts in any language for any live stream.

Broadcasters can now deploy Live OTT subtitles in different languages in an affordable and simple way.

“While captioning and subtitling for live streaming can be used as a primary tool to help deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences, automated machine translation of subtitling in multiple languages helps non-English speaking viewers follow, share, and subscribe to an online streaming channel for live news and sports,” said Giovanni Galvez, Vice President of Business Development at SyncWords.