Facebook zooms Rooms

Hold video calls for up to eight persons now — up to 50 in coming weeks, (Photo source: Facebook)

Can’t say this was unexpected. The demand is high and the need, urgent. In response, Facebook has launched Messenger Rooms, its videoconferencing service for the masses.

Available on both mobile and desktop in English-speaking countries, users can start using this new Messenger feature with up to eight friends from today. This number will rise to 50 in coming weeks.

Organisations or groups that have been holding videoconferences can consider this as it leverages a platform that billions are using everyday — there’s no need to log in to a separate app plus participants don’t need to have a Facebook account.

Create a room in Messenger or Facebook and extend an invitation to anyone to join the video call. Users can also see rooms that their friends or groups create that are open to them.

A plus point for those who use Messenger app to take the video call is the augmented reality feature where they can add effects such as spectables, hats, bunny ears, or reshape parts of the face.

“Messenger Rooms make it easy to spend quality time with friends, loved ones and people who share your interests,” said a Facebook blog post.