Lotte Card adopts hybrid cloud strategy

In an industry that’s witnessing rapid innovations across the value chain, Korea credit card issuer Lotte Card is transitioning its entire enterprise system, including mission critical and core financial accounting systems, to a hybrid cloud environment in collaboration with IBM Services.

By shifting its core business applications to a managed private cloud, it hopes aims to achieve greater visibility, scalability, security, and speed while reducing costs, risk and complexity to its IT infrastructure.

Lotte Card plans to leverage open, hybrid cloud technologies to introduce a diverse set of new digital services for its Korean customer base. Such services include the Lotte Card LIFE application that offers a personalised service and gives mobile users a 360-degree purview of all the best benefits and services in one platform.

The flexibility of using cloud technologies over a traditional IT infrastructure, can allow Lotte Card to respond with greater agility to rapidly changing market conditions and competition, to help serve their customers better in near real time.

Lotte Card previously migrated its mobile application to the cloud in order to build a scalable and flexible system foundation that can actively cope within an enterprise grade mobile environment.

With this project, it experienced very positive results throughout its business, such as improvement of customer satisfaction, and enhanced performance of its mobile apps as well as a reduction in total cost of ownership.

Based on this initial success, Lotte Card decided to work with IBM to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy to migrate and manage its additional enterprise systems, including the account system.

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