Zoom to beta test end-to-end encryption

For those who are concerned with security while using Zoom, the videoconferecing platform will be beta testing end-to-end encryption for all users in July.

Following an E2EE design update on GitHub,  Zoom will offer E2EE as an advanced add-on feature for all its users — free and paid — around the globe while maintaining the ability to prevent and fight abuse on our platform.

Free/basic users seeking access to E2EE will participate in a one-time process that will prompt the user for additional pieces of information, such as verifying a phone number via a text message.

According to the a Zoom blog post, many leading companies perform similar steps on account creation to reduce the mass creation of abusive accounts.

“We are confident that by implementing risk-based authentication, in combination with our current mix of tools — including our Report a User function — we can continue to prevent and fight abuse,” said Zoom.

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