Fujitsu starts new company in Japan

Fujitsu to integrate domestic operations in one company

Fujitsu has formed a new company, Fujitsu Japan Ltd, which will start operations in Japan on October 1. The new setup aims to further expand business in the Japan services market.

It is part of Fujitsu’s move to integrate all domesic business functions in one core company from April 2021.

Fujitsu Japan will help spearhead the group’s drive toward Society 5.0, an ultra-smart, sustainable society, while delivering business continuity and measures to resolve urgent issues facing society in light of the emergence of the challenges of the new normal, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New structure

About 400 system engineers responsible for second-tier, mid-sized companies and SMEs in the private sector will join the new company, enabling it to be closer to customers to respond flexibly and promptly to their needs.

Also coming on board are business units responsible for local governments and medical and educational institutions, as well as Fujitsu Marketing and Fujitsu FIP.

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