Euclideon makes 3D data visualisation software free

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Australia-based Euclideon has made free udStream, a  3D data visualisation product that unlocks for businesses the value of volumes of data that previously might have been left untouched.

udStream handles and brings to life massive 3D point-cloud data visualisation at speeds previously unimagined.

With the software, content creators can share projects across the entire business and with customers, allowing deeper project collaboration and enhanced workflows.

discovering data

“Euclideon is providing our new 3D data visualisation solution udStream free, because we genuinely believe more businesses’ should be allowed to truly discover their data and solve challenging workflow problems,” said Daniel Zhang, CEO of Euclideon CEO.

Existing Vault customers will be automatically transferred over to the Premium version of udStream, which comes with flexible licensing and private servers. Premium customers also have access to features such as unlimited projects in Euclideon’s secure hosted area, premium support, and options for IoT, offline dongle and their own hosted servers.

Those interested in the free version of udStream can sign-up at