Huawei rolls out GameCenter

Huawei has rolled out its GameCenter game service and distribution platform in 33 countries and regions worldwide — unsurprisingly, North America is excluded.

GameCenter is designed to bring mobile gaming communities together and deliver next-level gaming experience through content service and user welfare.

With the one-stop game service platform, users can access pre-order, new and popular games. They can also take advantage of exclusive online game packages and offers when playing the games. Through the process, they can grow their profile, unlock further discounts and enjoy benefits.

Exclusive games and partnerships

Among games available exclusively on GameCenter are BORN AS EPIC, Elir Land, Farm Legend, Starship Legion-AMG, and Survival Road. New games include Dynasty Legends: True Hero Rises from Chaos and Goddess MUA.

Currently, Huawei has partnerships with top global game companies such as Forshow games, Gameloft, IGG, and Lilith games.

In the future, GameCenter will feature an in-app social community where players can socialise, make friends and build communities of fans.

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