Huawei unpacks enhanced live streaming solution for merchants

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

In the midst of the pandemic, e-commerce is thriving and creating opportunities for many. At a webinar for developers last week, Huawei unveiled an enhanced live streaming solution that can help merchants and e-commerce platforms tap this fast growing market, which raked in US$3.46 trillion in 2019.

Live e-commerce is gaining popularity with retailers and consumers, especially with social distancing measures in place in many countries around the world.  It seems to have a more successful customer conversion rate than traditional e-commerce.

Based on Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), the new solution aims to help developers unlock more opportunities and enable retailers to create live streaming experiences that are easier, faster, and more immersive for consumers.

The enhanced live streaming solution operates with a device virtualisation kit that lets camera devices act as an extra camera for the smartphone. This allows switching between cameras to display products from different angles with just a click on the host’s phone.

The solution sports Huawei HiAI, the company’s open AI platform for smart devices, to enhance the e-commerce live streaming experience by enabling scenario-based sales. With real-time backdrop processing, digital backdrop replacements are made possible according to different scenarios, providing audience with natural and intuitive product demonstrations.

Huawei’s AR capabilities are also integrated in live streaming so products can now be better presented, such as showing what’s inside the products.