DigiCert simplifies TLS certificate management with multi-year plan

DigiCert has announced a new multi-year plan for TLS certificate purchases in the DigiCert CertCentral TLS Manager.

The new plan simplifies certificate purchasing and renewal processes for customers and partners ahead of September 1, when browsers will shorten maximum certificate lifetimes to one year. It is available for purchase from DigiCert Authorised Partners and in CertCentral.

“DigiCert multi-year plan simplifies certificate management for our partners and customers, particularly amid the continued demand for shortening certificate lifetimes,” said Jeremy Rowley, Chief of Product at DigiCert.

“Currently, we enable customers and partners with flexible certificate lifetimes as short as hours via our APIs. With multi-year plan in CertCentral, we are extending this capability to enable customers and partners to take advantage of varying certificate servicing times through our growing automation functionality, while enjoying simplified renewal processes and discounted pricing for up to six years,” he added.

DigiCert offers up to six-year multi-year plan for TLS certificates so customers can avoid the hassles of corporate procurement processes each year and enjoy discounts with each year of coverage that they select. Using CertCentral, customers can set automated renewals.


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