Facebook enables paid online events for small businesses

Source: Facebook

With physical events still not possible due to social distancing in many parts of the world, Facebook is giving individuals and small businesses a lifeline by enabling them to create paid online events on the social media platform.

Page owners will now be able to market, receive payment and host events on Facebook Live to reach broad audiences.

What’s best is that Facebook will not collect any fees from paid online events for at least the next year. For transactions on the web, and on Android in countries Facebook Pay is available, small businesses will keep all the revenue generated from paid online events.

“We remain committed to supporting SMBs, and we’ll keep finding ways to make it easier for them to bring their businesses online. You can see more resources to help Pages create paid online events, including a set of best practices and online lessons for businesses and creators to help them get started,” said Facebook in a blog post.

Testing paid events with Messenger Rooms

Facebook is also testing paid events with Messenger Rooms for more personal and interactive gatherings.

“In testing, we’ve seen businesses use Facebook to host expert talks, trivia events, podcast recordings, boxing matches, cooking classes, intimate meet-and-greets, fitness classes and more,” it said.

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