Apple ejects Epic from App Store

The Apple-Epic Games plot continues to thicken. In the latest development, Apple has cancelled the game developer’s account from App Store.

At the centre of this battle is Epic’s move to enable a direct payment option in its Fortnite game, which is downloadable from App Store and Google Play Store. This lets gamers save 20 percent while Epic also does not have to pay Apple a 30 percent fee from using App Store.

Apple and Google quickly removed the highly popular game from their stores.

mega battle in progress

Epic retaliated by taking both giants to court.

Apple then moved to stop Epic from using Unreal Engine, prompting Microsoft to jump in and side with the game developer.

The termination of Epic’s account in App Store impacts not just Fortnite but other titles such as Battle Breakers, Infinity Blade and and Shadow Complex Remastered.