Tiny wall charger packs 20W power

Aukey has introduced the Omnia Mini 20W PD wall charger that is a dream come true for users of smartphones, portable gaming consoles, tablets, and laptops. When travel restrictions are lifted, this is a nifty tool to bring around.

It incorporates both Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 2.0 for fast charging. Combining both fast charging technologies in one port is extra-efficient and makes this tiny charger versatile for charging a variety of devices using the same port.

Weighing just 33 grams, this charger is small enough to comfortably fit in the pocket. It comes with a single USB-C port capable of delivering up to 20W.

“This charger is Aukey’s first wall charger with an output of 20W, which we think is the ideal power output for users with the upcoming iPhone 12 series,” said Fei Sha, General Manager of Aukey.

“Aukey has worked very hard over the past year to reduce the size and weight of chargers, and this model is a continuation of that work. This is a charger that gives you all the power you need from the smallest possible size,” he added.

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