Singapore introduces COVID-19 self-monitoring service

Individuals in Singapore can check if they have been in proximity to COVID-19 cases using the newly-introduced SafeEntry Location Matching SelfCheck service.

The new service was created in response to public feedback. Currently, the Ministry of Health releases a list of public locations visited by COVID-19 cases during their infectious period.

Based on SafeEntry records, the self-check service will let individuals know if they have been exposed to those affected.

The service available on an updated version of the TraceTogether app that is available from today. It is also accessible via SingPass Mobile or at

SMS alerts

SMS notification alerts will also be sent to smaller group of individuals who were at locations that are assessed to pose a higher risk of transmission. Such venues include dining places and gyms where people do not wear masks for extended periods of time.

Those whose SafeEntry check-in and check-out timings overlap with the COVID-19 case in such locations will receive an SMS alert. The SMS notification service starts today.