8 in 10 Singaporeans more receptive to video technology amid COVID-19

The pandemic has steered many organisations towards using video technology out of necessity. According to a study commissioned by Milestone Systems,  eight in 10 Singaporeans are receptive to the usage of video technology, such as thermal imagining cameras and crowd management video analytics, when underpinned by a health benefit.

The “Video technology amid COVID-19” study highlighted the changing views and behaviours towards video technology now and in a post-COVID-19 norm. Conducted by AntzWorkz Consultants, it covered 300 consumers from ages 20 to 64. The study was aimed at examining receptivity towards video technology used in public places.

To provide a safe public and work environment, organisations have adopted digital solutions such as thermal scanners, biometric facial recognition systems and artificial intelligence cameras.

Most Singaporeans recognise the benefits of video technology and showed greater inclination to visit public places with COVID-19 video technology measures.

The majority of respondents are comfortable with video data being collected as long as personally identifiable information is removed or masked, and video data is deleted after the analysis.

“As consumers remain vigilant about how businesses are using their personal data, organisations must prioritise data protection and practice full transparency to build greater trust in video solutions,” said Benjamin Low, Vice President of Asia Pacific at Milestone Systems.