Penta Security appoints Indonesia distributor

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

South Korea’s Penta Security Systems has named PT Prospera Aswindra Teknologi as its distributor in Indonesia.

Penta Security’s Wapples has been chosen by PT Prospera Aswindra Teknologi and a number of other regional distributors for the web application firewalls (WAF) portion of their security solutions package.

Different from signature-based detection systems, Wapples Cocep engine utilises dozens of rules instead of thousands of signatures, reducing latency while offering the same level of detection capability. Users can choose from 33 customisable rules to finetune security policies for their environment.

“Our priority is to focus on staying ahead of the attacks while letting our users operate their businesses in the safest environment,” said DS Kim, Chief Strategy Officer of Penta Security.