Carrefour to deliver immersive digital customer experience

Global supermarket chain Carrefour is partnering with Insider to drive immersive digital customer experience.

Insider will help the France-headquartered supermarket giant connect data from multiple online and offline sources, predict the future behaviour of their customers with artificial intelligence, and individualise experiences across channels.

“Insider has enabled us to implement ideas quickly and effectively, which is essential to our promise of delivering an interactive and responsive brand experience. Also, in the past few months that we have worked with Insider, we have always been able to reach out to them and communicate to resolve any issues that we come across,” said Michael Chen, E-Commerce Manager of Carrefour..

“Insider’s growth consultants suggested groundbreaking ideas to us, like the push-based cart recovery scenario which got us a conversion uplift of 350 percent. We knew that Insider’s platform is a one-stop solution for all our online activities. Insider is a continuously evolving all-in-one marketing platform that allows us to access the latest technology – a great tool for anyone looking to create impactful customer experiences,” he added.