ViewSonic empowers teachers and students with new solutions

ViewSonic has launched two solutions aimed at enhancing the experience of remote learning and digital creation amid the pandemic.

The Notas Pen Display PD1330 is a lightweight and thin 13.3-inch pen display that comes with a battery-free pen for creating, managing and sharing digital cotnent.

This will greatly help teachers who face the dual challenges of using a mouse for annotations and maintaining eye contact with students. With the portable digital whiteboard, they will be able to overcome both challenges, allowing for intuitive teaching and better student engagement.

The other new product is the WoodPad Paper drawing pad that helps teachers and students to digitise notes with real-time syncronisation. Sporting a battery-free pen for input, the device works with papers ranging from sticky notes to yellow legal notepads of up to one cm thickness.

“With our latest innovative solutions, teachers and students will advance their skill in distance teaching and learning and be able to transit back to school seamlessly,” said Kevin Chu, Director of the Pen Display and Authentication Business Unit at ViewSonic.