Tripbnb uses AI to connect travellers and accommodation

Travel may be a pipeline for most right now but when the borders are open again, Tripbnb has an AI-based solution that will help connect travellers and accommodation quickly.

One of the major bugbear for travellers when searching for an accommodation is having to go through other traveller’s comments. This is a time-consuming process that takes the fun out of travel planning for some.

According to statistics, 59 percent of US families determine their travel destinations and planning through travel websites such as Booking, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and trivago.

Travel booking startup Tripbnb tackles this challenge by analysing travellers’ comments and feelings about accommodation with AI. It performs in-depth data analysis, emotional analysis and semantic analysis of the comments on travel websites with AI to prevent travelers from getting confused by 702 million comments.

Through in-depth understanding of the customer’s feelings and language, it captures truly valuable information from the ambiguous or metaphoric comments of customers for travel businesses to take effective countermeasures.

It then provides hotels with a report on feasible business strategies based on the analysis results. The report contents may include pricing strategies, room type strategies, customer service improvement, and adjustments in food and beverage menus.

With this report, hotels can tweak their offerings and procedures from the viewpoints and feelings of customers.

Travelers can then quickly select the most suitable accommodation from tons of choices with AI, saving time from data search and leaving more time for their family trips.

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