LexisNexis Emailage detects and prevents fraud

LexisNexis Risk Solutions has availed the LexisNexis Emailage fraud risk scoring solution which features email intelligence to help companies with fraud detection and prevention.

With this solution, companies can confidently assess risk, approve transactions and manage fraud tactics within digital transactions.

Email is a unique global identifier that unlocks digital engagement and transactions in every industry because it is one of the most commonly used components of an online transaction. Email is rich with transaction history and difficult to change because it is linked to an individual’s online accounts.

“Consumers want to connect through an increasing number of channels and they expect a consistent, frictionless experience each time. However, businesses are often pulled between the tensions of deterring fraud and trying to deliver the best user experience,” said Kimberly Sutherland, Vice President of Fraud and Identity Strategy at LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

“LexisNexis Emailage is a proven risk assessment tool utilising the user’s email address at the core. Businesses receive the benefits of real-time global email risk intelligence for true consumer insights delivered via a continual feedback loop. This yields a rapidly growing force working together to outsmart fraudsters,” she added.

Fueled by continuously updating global digital insights, the LexisNexis Risk Solutions global network gives companies risk decision confidence that is always improving. With billions of digital identifiers in the network, LexisNexis Emailage brings together physical and digital risk signals to create a holistic view of the consumer risk associated with a transaction.