Netskope opens data centre in South Korea

Netskope has established a data centre in South Korea to better service its customers in North Asia.

Expanding the Netskope NewEdge network to Seoul lets the security cloud provider improve coverage for its services with high performance and lower latency, especially for companies headquartered in and multinationals with a presence in the region.

“With just five to 10 percent of the latency compared to other vendors based on 3rd-party tests, Netskope is now unequivocally the highest-performing cloud security provider in South Korea, with the fastest on-ramps for user traffic and best round trip times for web, cloud and SaaS access,” said Jason Hofmann, VP of Platform Architecture and Services at Netskope.

Organisations having remote or hybrid-office workforce rely on cloud-based solutions to bridge the gap from office to home for their employees. With 20 percent of users moving sensitive data among multiple cloud apps and services, businesses need to prioritise security during this era of rapid digital transformation.

Netskope NewEdge delivers inline security services through a carrier-grade, next-generation global infrastructure based on advanced application and network optimisation technologies and processes.

As a private cloud network, it optimises connectivity with its resilient global architecture, which is directly peered with major providers, mitigating the challenge of the public internet. This enhances the overall user experience, resulting in a better web, cloud, and private application performance for most customers.