Hublot turns to facial recognition technology for e-warranty

Luxury watch maker Hublot has introduced an electronic passport and warranty system that uses recognition technology to identify the uniqueness of the materials that make up its watches.

Having as e-warranty is not new for the Swiss company as it was among the first to enable electronic warranty in 2009. This new system, which took KenQuest three years to develop, takes it to another level.

“Today, thanks to the Hublot e-warranty, a simple photo taken with a mobile phone is all it takes to activate the warranty and access it, while verifying the authenticity of the product. Although the technology developed relies on complex algorithms, it is simple and user friendly. A perfect fusion between technological complexity and ease of use.” Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

With the new e-warranty, the watch is authenticated by the recognition of the specificity of its materials, giving Hublot an edge in the fight against counterfeiting.

No two Hublot watches are alike, even if they are the same model. This is because of the singularities of their microstructure. The e-warranty is based on the unitary recognition of the specificities of all of Hublot’s watches and models.

Specially designed optical readers capture and reconstruct each watch in very high definition as it comes out of production. When the watch is sold in a boutique, the point-of-sale activates the warranty using the Hublot-e-warranty application, which takes a photo of the head of the watch lined up with a duplicate displayed on the screen.

The photo is sent to the computing infrastructure that will process it and automatically activate the warranty if the piece has been correctly identified unitarily.

Once the watch has been recognised and authenticated, the customer receives their Hublot e-warranty via the channel of their choice, such as SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, or Messenger.

Using the app, which is available on App Store and Play Store, customers can easily access new services such as verifying the authenticity of a piece, retrieving the warranty status of a piece, or accessing the Hublotista community. 

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