ViewSonic rolls out monitors with colour blindness in mind

Those who are colour blind will appreciate the two new ColorPro VP68a monitors announced by ViewSonic.

The screens feature colour blindness simulation that lets creators see how the artwork would appear to the colour blind. A colour blindness filter helps the colour blind to better see on-screen details..

Besides these capabilities, the two Pantone validated monitors — the 27-inch VP2768a and the 24-inch VP2468a — come with out-of-box colour accuracy and USB-C one cable solution.

Pantone is the colour standard that assists designers, producers and brands in their creations. Both monitors have been verified and factory tuned and passed Pantone’s evaluation of the full range simulation test of 2,161 colours of the Pantone Formula Guide.

“With 100% color performance and Pantone validation, the new VP68a Series of Pantone validated monitors set a new standard for colour performance to meet the discerning needs of creators for boosted productivity with increased workflow efficiency,” said said Oscar Lin, Head of Monitor BU at ViewSonic.

The USB-C one cable sports multiple connection ports to allow concurrent video and audio delivery and power charging of up to 90W.