TTAB and Sparkline to reskill and upskill tech talents

NTUC affiliate Tech Talent Assembly (TTAB) and Sparkline have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on providing trainings to enable a digital-ready workforce in Singapore.

Aspiring tech talent will be well-equipped with digital skills such as digital literacy and analytics to enable them to thrive in the digital economy while helping Singapore cultivate tech talent required for a digital workforce.

Under the MoU, the strategic partners will focus on reskilling and upskilling local tech talent within TTAB and the wider NTUC community, through their offerings such as e-learning programmes and educational webinars.

Some 200 TTAB members, comprising individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses owners and tech innovators, have benefited from the webinars.

With the right course and learning opportunities, even Singaporeans without any tech background who are looking to pivot their career path can pick up new digital skills. Sparkline’s e-learning programmes are curated for individuals from all walks of life to learn and build their tech careers or improve business operations with ease.

“TTAB’s partnership with Sparkline will provide our members with easy access to e-learning programmes and digital courses at exclusive and affordable pricings. This supports the TTAB’s mission in helping members stay relevant and employable in the fast-changing industry landscape,” said Ng Tiong Gee, President of TTAB.

“Our partnership with TTAB allows us to reach passionate individuals and tech innovators to better equip and accelerate themselves to thrive in this transformed workforce. It is integral for each aspiring tech talent to fully understand the capabilities of data and technology in order to optimise them to make informed business decisions,” said Aleetza Senn, CEO and Founder of Sparkline.