Certis introduces smart networked security solution

Certis has unveiled its Smart Networked Security solution at Our Tampines Hub (OTH) in Singapore to help businesses keep guests and visitors secure.

Designed to provide elevated security control for large, high density spaces, Smart Networked Security integrates Certis’ purpose-built robots Crystal and Oscar with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and highly trained security personnel.

Crystal is an indoor concierge robot that can converse real-time with visitors to reach duty customer service officers. Together with the outdoor Oscar robot, they can help locate missing persons, a major challenge in high-density communal spaces.

The two AI-enabled robots are fitted with 360-degree live-streaming cameras and IoT sensors that are able to detect undesirable behaviours such as overcrowding and smoking on premise.

Deploying Smart Networked Security has helped OTH with more efficient manpower deployment and faster response to incidents. Human security officer productivity has increased by 25 percent, enabling them to perform higher value tasks in monitoring at the Smart Command Operations Centre.

“This collaboration with Certis can improve our processes through the use of technology and innovation. We look forward to the many benefits of Certis’ Smart Networked Security in making Our Tampines Hub a venue of choice for our customers and visitors,” said Vincent Chang, Deputy Director of Facilities Management at OTH.

“Smart Networked Security affirms our key commitment to continuous innovation for our customers. With this in mind, Certis is pleased to debut this solution at OTH in Singapore where we can boost visitor experience, while ensuring increased security visibility through a revolutionary eco-system,” said Fuji Foo, Chief Digital Officer of Certis.